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Galco Tacslide Belt Holster Fits Sig Sauer P320F 9/40 Right Leather/Kydex TS820B

Galco Tacslide Belt Holster Fits Sig Sauer P320F 9/40 Right Leather/Kydex TS820B

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Galco Tacslide Belt Holster Fits Sig Sauer P320C 9/40, P320F 9/40, P320SC 9/40 Right Hand Black Leather/Kydex TS820B

Galco’s TacSlide™ combines steerhide and Kydex® for a belt holster that is fast, concealable, and very economical! Following on the tremendous success of the hybrid KingTuk™ IWB, the TacSlide mates a Kydex holster pocket to a slotted steerhide backplate. An open top and near-neutral cant make the draw fast and simple.

The wide spacing of the 1 3/4” belt slots pulls the handgun in tight to the body for excellent concealment. The TacSlide’s silhouetted, belt-slide design accommodates multiple barrel lengths on the same basic frame size while simultaneously minimizing overall bulk. The steerhide backplate is smooth where it rides against the wearer’s body, greatly increasing comfort.

The TacSlide is currently offered for popular semiautos and double-action revolvers.

*** DOES NOT FIT California-compliant versions of the S&W M&P Shield.

Hybrid Kydex/lined premium steerhide construction
Accommodates multiple barrel lengths
Forward-molded design contours to the hip
Fore-and-aft belt slots pull the handgun into the body for concealment
Near-neutral cant
Fits belts up 1 3/4"

NOTE: Not compatible with California-compliant S&W Shield EZ
NOTE: Holsters will fit guns with red dot sights ONLY if listed in the dropdown as “W/WO red dot.” Holsters compatible with most red dot sights will contain the letter “R” in the product code’s suffix.

Also fits the following guns:
CZ P-07
SIG-SAUER M18, P320 COMPACT 9/.40, P320 FULL-SIZE 9/.40, P320 SUBCOMPACT 9/.40, P320 X-COMPACT 9/.40, P320F W/17-21 RD MAGS

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